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The statistics were published by specialists from the National Agency for Industrial Information (NAPI). Experts took into account the average annual mileage of an electric crossover of 20 thousand kilometers, as well as the cost of insurance and other expenses. As an object, analysts used a model in the two-engine Performance version with 534 horsepower and 690 Nm of torque.

Each kilometer of Tesla Model Y will cost Muscovites 39.32 rubles. Thus, for 20 thousand kilometers per year, owners will spend 786,400 rubles. Over the course of five years, you will have to pay 3.93 million to maintain the electric crossover.

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As part of the study, analysts used the Tesla Model Y in the Performance package, which can be purchased for 6.4 million rubles. In the cost of owning an electric car, experts included the prices for compulsory motor insurance and comprehensive insurance, as well as repair work, tire replacement, taxes and the cost of charging at metropolitan stations.

In mid-April, analysts calculated the cost of owning a Lada Granta. During the five-year operation, the owners will spend more than a million rubles on a domestic public sector vehicle.

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