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According to ABC 7 News Bay Area, the situation continues to worsen every month. At the same time, local residents regularly complain about abandoned vehicles that block sidewalks and even approaches to private homes, schools and businesses. In this regard, American officials decided to drive through the city streets with television crews to assess the scale of the problem.

During the half-hour trip, the film crew, accompanied by an official, discovered about 50 abandoned cars. Most of the cars were stolen and dismantled for parts. Other vehicles were looted right in the parking areas. Journalists reported that Oakland police only respond to vehicles that block access to private homes. The remaining vehicles are being towed by the local Department of Transportation, which is short-staffed.

Every year, city authorities are forced to allocate about a million dollars to store abandoned cars in special parking lots. More than two thousand vehicles can remain idle for months in one area alone. Due to the current situation, officials decided to use the help of third-party towing companies in California, as well as hire additional personnel to control parking on city streets.

Last October, Finnish authorities announced that they would evacuate the cars of Russians abandoned near Helsinki Airport. Representatives of the local airline emphasized that everyone visiting the airport can leave their cars in the parking lot only for 45 days.

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