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The hypercar called Epitome received a new adaptive suspension, a titanium exhaust manifold with six pipes and a revised design with additional air extractors in the arches, a front splitter and a wing in the spirit of the track Huayra R. The engine here is from the Utopia – it produces 864 horsepower and 1100 Nm of torque.

The Pagani Grandi Complicazioni special projects department has unveiled the first Huayra with a manual transmission. The hypercar is called Epitome and is equipped with a seven-speed Xtrac transmission with an integrated electronically controlled differential, a three-plate clutch and a tripod shaft joint, like on racing cars. The V12 6.0 engine is borrowed from the Utopia. It produces 864 horsepower and 1100 Nm of torque. The maximum speed is known from the dynamic characteristics – 350 kilometers per hour.

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It would be wrong to think that the mechanics were the end of it. Since this is a one-off project, its development took as much time as it takes to create serial hypercars. Grandi Complicazioni specialists spent nine months conceptualizing the idea, followed by another 10 months of design work. The client got what he wanted: the Huayra acquired new body panels, lighting equipment, a splitter integrated into the front bumper, and a spoiler, the shape of which was spied on the track Huayra R.

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The desire to improve driving performance resulted in a revision of the suspension geometry and the installation of new electronically controlled shock absorbers with a super soft mode for bad roads. It is activated by a separate button and automatically switches off at 150 kilometers per hour. The exhaust line of the Huayra Epitome is titanium, with six pipes. Moreover, the lower two work on the principle of the formula “blown diffuser”, that is, they create additional pressure. The design of the forged aluminum wheels is inspired by Imola disks, which is also no coincidence, since the coupe is in the client’s collection. How much the car cost to build is not reported.

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