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### Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik Roadster Tender 5.7 German company Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik [попыталась сделать]( from the BMW Z4 is similar to the 507 roadster. The classic Bavarian model is interesting in itself: only 254 were made.
Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik However, the authors were inspired by a specific specimen that belonged to Elvis Presley. The car received a special carbon fiber body, and the interior remained standard, except for the different leather upholstery.
Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik In stock, the three-liter inline “turbo six” of the B58 family produces 335 horsepower and 368 Nm, but new turbines, a modified intake and a sports exhaust made it possible to increase output to 507 hp. With. and 650 Nm. Chassis modifications include adjustable coilover suspension and 20-inch Alpina wheels.
Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik The project was named after one of the singer’s most famous compositions – “Love me Tender”. Only 15 cars will be produced, each of which will be painted in an exclusive color scheme, matching the interior trim to match. The minimum cost will be 288 thousand euros: this is five times higher than the price of the original Z4.
Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik ### Dacia Duster Electric Romanian company Metaplast [превратила]( budget crossover into an electric car. The project required more than two years of work and 150 thousand euros. It was intended as a test prototype for Metaplast products: the company produces plastic components for the automotive industry and chargers for electric cars.
EVmarket The car received a Prior Design body kit with developed bumpers and wide wheel arches that hide larger wheels, as well as enlarged sills, a diffuser and a blank panel instead of a radiator grille.
EVmarket The basis was a second-generation model with a diesel unit, which was planned to be sent to a landfill. The 1.5-liter engine has given way to a 215-horsepower electric motor from the Nissan Leaf, whose output has been reduced by 40 percent.
EVmarket Accelerating a 1,700-kilogram electric crossover to “hundreds” takes approximately 11-12 seconds, while the standard restyled Duster on heavy fuel accelerated to “hundreds” in 10.2 seconds. In addition, the car has air suspension and a 55-kilowatt-hour battery from the Volkswagen ID.3, providing a range of up to 350 kilometers.
EVmarket ### Mercedes-Benz G63 G-Falcon by Carlex Design Polish studio [добавило]( the SUV has an unusual engraving on the roof, made by hand and depicting a falcon. In addition, engravings have appeared on the moldings and wheel arches, where decorative patterns are used, and the polished metal is complemented by gold particles, emphasizing the unique amber hue of the body.
Carlex Design The carbon body kit includes bumpers, radiator grille, arch trims and sills. Like all body parts that were deprived of engraving, they were decorated with diamond dust: in total, a whole kilogram of it was used.
Carlex Design Special wheels are painted in body color. To decorate the interior, dark brown leather with patina, hand-stitched, was used. Almost everything inside is covered with it – from the seats to the front panel and the elements surrounding them.
Carlex Design All other parts are hand engraved, as is the body. The equipment is standard: the four-liter V8 petrol turbo engine with 585 horsepower and the nine-speed automatic transmission are retained
Carlex Design ### Cupra Formentor All Terrain Spanish crossover [стал]( a brutal SUV. This is not the first such project of the JE Design workshop, but for the first time the basis for it was the creation of the Cupra brand.
JE Design The fender flares, side skirts, spoiler and lower bumpers have a rough textured surface, and the fenders are attached to the body using visible bolts.
JE Design The 18-inch wheels are shod with Yokohama off-road tires and fitted with spacers to accommodate the wider arches. The ground clearance is increased by 30 millimeters due to a suspension lift kit.
JE Design Finally, the car was equipped with a roof rack with a pair of diode strips, and the rear diffuser is removable, which makes it possible to use a folding towbar. There is no mention of technical innovations other than the sports exhaust.
JE Design ### Irmscher Opel Vivaro German studio [представило]( “sports” minibus. Innovations in appearance are positioned not as tuning, but as a modernization of the current generation by the workshop. The car received covers on both bumpers with a built-in spoiler at the front and something like a diffuser at the rear, different sills and a rear spoiler.
Irmscher All elements are tested in a wind tunnel and do not spoil the car’s performance. The exterior is complemented by black 20-inch Heli Star or Hydra Star wheels, but you can choose 18- or 19-inch wheels instead. Major changes made it possible to increase the engine output to 200 horsepower and 450 Nm, but there are no details.
Irmscher ### Irmscher Opel Astra IRC Hatchback [превратили]( in the likeness of rally cars from the past, but there are not many technical innovations. The car gained a radiator grille with a “checkered” filling, a different front bumper with impressive air intakes, a modified rear bumper with a large diffuser, a large rear wing and special sills.
Irmscher The diameter of the Hydra Star wheels is 20 inches, the suspension is lowered by 30 millimeters. A program has also been proposed to increase engine output: depending on the modification, the increase can reach 25 horsepower. In the future they promise to release a limited-edition 260-horsepower version.

In general, tuning is intended to improve standard cars, but in some cases the modifications look strange or downright ridiculous. Unusual creations from different studios are published regularly: our selection includes recent premieres. This is a modern roadster in the classic style, a very expensive electric car based on an older budget model, a luxury SUV with an engraving on the entire roof, an extreme all-terrain vehicle based on a regular crossover, a “sports” minibus and a golf-class “rally” hatchback with a minimum of innovations.

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