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The Porsche company announced a large number of pre-orders for the new crossover Porsche Macan 2024. The car, converted to electric traction, proved popular even before its market debut. The head of the company, Oliver Blum, noted that demand has significantly exceeded expectations. Due to such excitement, there is a high probability that the model will become a hit. The debut of the Porsche Macan EV electric crossover took place at the end of January.

Petrol Porsche Macan

Over the course of a month, more than 10 thousand pre-orders were submitted for the new product, excluding applications received from customers from countries such as Japan, China and Taiwan – the most important markets. Note that the model is a priority for the brand. In 2023, the cross was inferior in sales to another model, the Porsche Cayenne. It is reported that the petrol version will remain on sale in some countries. However, the crossover will leave the European market. Despite the high chances of the new product becoming a bestseller, there are risks in the form of a high price, which exceeds the cost of the gasoline version by $20,000 (photo: Porsche).

Meanwhile, AvtoVAZ considered competitors for Vesta in Chinese cars BAIC and Omoda. Recently, a version of the model with a CVT went on sale.

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