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Experts believe that despite the fact that the secondary market has already risen in price by a third, used cars will only increase in price. According to the vice-president of the National Automobile Union (NAU) Anton Shaparin, the trend will continue against the backdrop of an increase in recycling collection. At the same time, previously used cars have risen in price by an average of 10-30 percent. In this regard, Russians are more actively buying used models in the hope of purchasing vehicles at a favorable price.

According to Shaparin, the situation in the Russian automobile market continues to be difficult due to regular changes in scrappage rules, as well as the exchange rate, which directly affects the cost of cars. At the same time, experts find it difficult to give accurate forecasts for the future.

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Many market players agree that vehicle prices will continue to rise as the authorities plan to increase the recycling fee again. At the same time, the rise in price will affect both used and new cars. Today, the most popular cars among Russians on the secondary market are Lada models, as well as Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio.

At the end of March, Russians began to buy old used cars more often. Spending on such models then increased by almost a quarter.

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