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Since the resumption of assembly of Moskvich cars in November 2022, 31 thousand cars have rolled off the plant’s assembly line, 27 thousand of which are with a traditional internal combustion engine, and another four thousand are Moskvich 3e electric crossovers. This was stated by the company’s director for interaction with government agencies and corporate relations, Tatyana Redko, during a speech at the Federation Council. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

Thus, Moskvich was able to cross the threshold of 30 thousand cars produced in exactly a year – 12 months have passed since the restart of production at the former Renault plant in Moscow. During this time, the plant mastered the assembly of three models: in November 2022, the Moskvich 3, also known as the Chinese JAC JS4, entered the production line, at the end of the same year it was joined by the electric Moskvich 3e (JAC E40X), and in September 2023 The assembly of Moskvich 6 started on the 2nd – this is a JAC Sehol A5 Plus liftback, which is available in Russia with two engines to choose from, 136 and 174 horsepower.

The plans for 2024 include the production of 50 thousand cars, as previously stated by the commercial director of the plant, Alexander Migal. Over the next year, the plant will switch to full-cycle production and launch at least one more model, the D-class crossover Moskvich 8 (JAC S7). The appearance of Moskvich 5, which is a redesigned JAC Sehol X6, is also expected, as well as the electric version of Moskvich 6. The final decision on them has not yet been made.

In 2025, Moskvich intends to introduce an electric car, the main components of which, including the platform and battery, will be produced in Russia.

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