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At the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), the president noted the availability of necessary transport in Russia and emphasized that it is necessary to drive domestic cars. They “look more modest than Mercedes or Audi,” which have been purchased since the 90s, “but nothing,” the head of state said. A good example in this regard is set by India, which promotes the use of local automotive products.

According to Vladimir Putin, he received proposals to continue government procurement of foreign cars. This is not difficult to do, but the head of state doubts that this practice is worth continuing. “Let them drive domestic cars,” he said, noting that purchases of Russian cars will begin “right now.”

The head of state also mentioned India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is “absolutely doing the right thing” by encouraging support for local producers.

In early September, Putin gave an official instruction on the priority use of Russian highly localized vehicles for official purposes. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and senior officials in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation were appointed responsible. They will have to report on February 1, 2024.

This is not the first time that the issue of officials using Russian-assembled vehicles has been raised. Previously, it was proposed to transfer them to Lada, Moskvich and Aurus, as well as to the not yet revived Volga. It was noted that this would raise the Russian auto industry to a new level: “when the car does not start two or three times, solutions will be found quickly,” said State Duma deputy from United Russia Sultan Khamzaev.

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