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A video has appeared on the Telegram channel of the head of the Chechen Republic, which reveals the development prospects of the Great Wall Motors (GWM) model line. A representative of the concern confirmed that by the end of the year, the hybrid crossover Haval H7, frame SUVs Haval H5 and H9, armored car Tank 500, flagship all-terrain vehicle Tank 700, premium minivan Wey 80 and updated hybrid Wey 05 will officially appear in Russia.

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The big GWM presentation is timed to coincide with the Caucasus Investment Forum. The Haval and Tank brands will be the event’s transport partners. Forum participants will be transported on familiar models — Haval Dargo and Tank 500. However, in Grozny, they unexpectedly showed future premieres for Russia: in six months, the lineup will be replenished with six new products!

Firstly, the Tank 500 armored vehicle has passed certification tests. It is not stated directly, but it seems that we are talking about an SUV from Armor Group with protection class BR4. The vehicle is unique in its own way, because in China only special services can have bulletproof vehicles.

Armored Tank 500 Updated Wey 05 Wey 80 (Alpine) Haval H3 (Dargo second generation) Haval H5 New Haval H9 second generation

Secondly, the large frame SUVs Haval H5 and Haval H9 of the second generation are on the way. Also shown is the flagship GWM – the large SUV Tank 700.

In addition, the line will be expanded with hybrids: Haval H7 (Dargo II), updated Wey 05 and large minivan Wey 80. Interestingly, the nameplate says Wey 83, but even the representative of the Chinese concern called the minivan “eighty”.

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There are less than six months left until the end of the year, so it is easy to estimate: GWM will introduce one new product to our market every month. Hybrid SUVs and a minivan will be imported from China, but Haval frame all-terrain vehicles will probably be localized at a plant in the Tula region. However, this fact is not officially confirmed.

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