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Some projects are designed to combine incompatible things, which often results in something so unusual that you can’t take your eyes off it. This is what happened this time too.

The guys at MCD1 are turning the Range Rover Velar into a Dakar racing prototype. It’s called the MCD1 Dakar Prototype and it looks simply gorgeous, although you can’t stop wondering who could have come up with such a crazy idea.

Even now, in its unfinished state, MCD1 looks gorgeous. The SUV has a custom chassis with some incredible suspension. Thus, the massive King Kong rear shock absorbers are attached to the power structure directly behind the backs of the driver and passenger at shoulder level! And access to them is opened by the rear doors. It’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything like it.

The choice of power unit is also unusual. This is a true Lamborghini twin-turbocharged V10. Drive – rear.

So keep an eye on it, it will be finished soon. Below you can see renderings of what the racing prototype will look like when it’s finished. Stylish, unusual, dynamic.

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