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Owners of hypercars are asked to refrain from traveling until the circumstances of the incident are clarified. There are 34 such machines in the world – and now all of them are immobilized for some time. The burnt car is a Jesko NÜR Edition with a body made of “pure” carbon fiber and golden decor. The two-door was handed over to its owner only this year, and it cost more than three million dollars.

The 6to6 Europe Tour 2024, which was supposed to start in Greece and end in Monaco, almost ended in tragedy at the very beginning of its journey. During a race on the highway, the Koenigsegg Jesko of one of the participants caught fire. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save the car. All that was left of it were burnt rims, chassis parts and a bunch of broken carbon fiber. Now Koenigsegg must find out all the circumstances of what happened. In the meantime, Jesko owners are asked not to drive under any circumstances.


The burned Jesko turned out to be a custom Jesko NÜR Edition. Its body was made entirely of a material called KNC – Koenigsegg Naked Carbon. This is “clean” carbon fiber from which the layer of epoxy resin remaining after baking in an autoclave has been manually removed. This option alone cost the owner $443,400 (38.6 million rubles), but the car itself most likely cost more than three million. According to some reports, driving at high speeds and hot weather could have led to the fire, since the air warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius that day.


The Jesko engine is a five-liter V8 with two turbochargers, which produces 1280 horsepower on regular gasoline and 1600 on bioethanol. Peak torque of 1500 Nm is available at 5100 rpm, 1000 Nm between 2700-6170. The hypercar has rear-wheel drive. Power to the wheels comes through a nine-speed Light Speed ​​Transmission with eight multi-plate clutches in an oil bath.

According to the Exclusive Car Registry website, there are 34 examples of the Jesko worldwide, minus the one that burned in Greece. The planned circulation is 125 pieces.

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