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According to some sources, German engineers assembled only 45 “charged” sedans in the W124 body, which were equipped with a six-liter eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 381 horsepower. The dealership is ready to bring a unique “E” with a mileage of 64 thousand kilometers to order from a Japanese auction.

Mercedes-Benz E 60 AMG is considered the most powerful serial E-class of the W124 generation. Under the hood of the sedan, a six-liter naturally aspirated V8 was installed, the output of which is 381 horsepower. The unit was equipped with a four-speed automatic. The rear-wheel drive car accelerates to “hundreds” in 5.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour.

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According to one version, German engineers built only 45 such sedans, which were virtually indistinguishable from the regular E 500 in appearance. The seller is ready to order a black model with a dark leather interior complemented by natural wood from Japan. The rarest Mercedes-Benz with a mileage of 64 thousand kilometers was valued at 24 million rubles.

At the end of May, more than ten million rubles were paid for a 20-year-old BMW M3 during an auction. In total, less than two dozen similar models existed.

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