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The Togliatti portal Avtograd news claims: due to problems with the supply of drives, SUVs are produced in incomplete condition. Mechanical assembly production does not keep up with the main conveyor, so for several days the Niva Legend and Niva Travel were assembled with rear-wheel drive and sent to the parking lot. Such “Nivas” will not go on sale: they will have to install the missing parts.

The disruption in the supply of drives forced AvtoVAZ to abandon the working Saturday: on June 22, the conveyor of the Lada Niva family was idle. In addition, the plant will have to perform unnecessary operations to complete previously produced rear-wheel drive SUVs. The missing drives are planned to be installed within a few days.

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According to insiders, this week there was another problem with the Niva Legend and Niva Travel SUVs: the delivery of the cars to dealers was delayed due to a change in the supplier of transfer case bearings. However, the unit quickly passed validation and shipment resumed, meaning a large number of SUVs were avoided.

At the moment, the cheapest Lada car is the Niva: a three-door SUV can be purchased for 981,000 rubles. The Lada Granta sedan is more expensive, although in the price lists the “advertising” version remains for 700 thousand rubles, in reality such cars are not available from official dealers.

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