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Fans of the Kia Stinger, alas, may be left without the long-awaited electric successor to this sports coupe. According to Korean automotive publications, the GT1 project, also known as the Kia EV8 2025, has been canceled by the company’s management. It was expected that the electric successor to the Stinger would become one of the most powerful and technologically advanced Korean cars. But apparently something didn’t go according to plan.

Kia Stinger

Initially, the new product was supposed to have a battery with a capacity of 113.2 kWh and an all-wheel drive system with two electric motors. The total output is about 603 hp, which significantly exceeds the performance of the 368-horsepower V6 turbo engine in the pre-restyling Stinger. The hybrid transmission included a 268-horsepower engine on the front axle and a 335-horsepower engine on the rear axle. The range of the electric car, according to preliminary estimates, could be an impressive 435-497 km – at the level of the Mercedes EQS and Tesla Model S. In addition to the top version, younger modifications were to appear with one rear engine (215 hp) or two in total for 429 “horses”.

However, according to sources, automakers are having to reconsider their electric vehicle plans due to a sharp drop in demand for expensive and high-tech models. Under these conditions, Kia has likely abandoned its idea of ​​​​producing a niche high-performance coupe and will concentrate on more mass-produced and affordable electric vehicles. Although there have been no official comments yet. (photo: Kia)

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