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The American publication Car & Driver shared the plans of the Bavarian brand in the medium term. According to insiders, after Alpina comes under the wing of BMW, the sub-brand will become an analogue of Mercedes-Maybach. To avoid internal competition, the Rolls-Royce Ghost will be retired, and the alternative will be the future Alpina B7, that is, an ultra-luxurious version of the petrol “Seven”.

Rolls-Royce will focus on exclusive models: it will continue to develop the Specter line with a convertible, and will also develop limited versions for special orders a la Droptail. “Budget” Alpina based on the 3-Series, 5-Series or X3 will be abandoned, convertibles and coupes will also be sent under the knife – the prospects for the BMW Z4 and 8-Series are vague. The Eight can only remain in the Gran Coupe format.

BMW pins its hopes on the Neue Klasse battery platform. New electric vehicles iX3 and i3 (3-Series electric) will be developed on this “trolley” by the second half of 2026. New BMW products with internal combustion engines will continue to use the CLAR II architecture, familiar from the current “fives” and “sevens”. Until 2035, the Bavarians will develop two types of platforms in parallel, and after ten years they will finally switch to electric chassis.

According to BMW Blog, the life cycle of the current Rolls-Royce Ghost will end in 2029, and the “junior” sedan will not have a successor. From 2030, the luxury brand will switch entirely to electric engines. At the same time, the future Alpina B7 will probably retain a petrol engine, and the basis of the flagship sedan will be the updated BMW 7-Series G70.

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