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The turbodiesel belongs to the MTU 199 line, which is considered the most popular in the world when it comes to engines for military equipment. The developer is Rolls-Royce Holdings, which is not related to the luxury car manufacturer of the same name. The holding’s profile is aircraft and marine engines, as well as units for heavy special equipment. Until 2021, BelAZ collaborated with Rolls-Royce Holdings.

A special feature of the new Rolls-Royce diesel engine, in addition to the V10 configuration, is the ability to operate as part of a hybrid system. At low speed, the installation can operate silently, without leaving a thermal trace. Christian Wolf, head of the development department of military engines and systems at Rolls-Royce Holdings, said that the new system allows expanding the capabilities of tracked armored vehicles.

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The current power target is 1,100 kilowatts (1,496 horsepower), but a 1,200-kilowatt (1,632 horsepower) powerplant is in the works. Previously, there were no ten-cylinder diesel engines in the MTU line – only engines with six or eight cylinders. Area of ​​application: tanks and armored vehicles with a gross weight of 50 to 70 tons.

Before the sanctions, the Belarusian BelAZ used engines from the MTU line, but after the ban on supplies of Western units, the neighbors switched to Chinese and Russian analogues. For example, domestic diesel from diesel locomotives began to be used on 220-ton dump trucks.

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