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This idea was put forward by the president of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD) Alexey Podshchekoldin. According to him, the recycling fee for “Chinese” cars is one of the threats to the domestic automobile market. Its abolition will make the country more attractive to new players, as a result of which cars will become more affordable for the population.

According to Podshchekoldin, the recycling fee turned out to be an ineffective measure to support the auto industry. Despite the fees, the share of Chinese cars is growing: in the passenger car market it has exceeded 50 percent, and in the truck market it has reached approximately 60.

If the fee for Chinese companies producing cars in Russia is cancelled or reduced, new players in the industry will come. This will reduce the final price for the buyer, the head of ROAD is sure. Another option is a recycling fee program with cashback for those who produce cars in the Russian Federation.

“Start collecting here and the recycling fee won’t affect you,” said Podshchekoldin.

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In addition to new Chinese, the abolition or reduction of the fee may attract Iranian companies. Iran Khodro and SAIPA have been talking about coming to Russia for years, but so far they have not succeeded due to the difference in prices: cars of the Lada Vesta class in Iran cost about 700 thousand rubles, while in Russia they ask at least twice as much for the Vesta.

AvtoVAZ, on the contrary, believes that the recycling fee should be raised to protect against the influx of “Chinese” who are squeezing Lada into the low-margin segment of the market. Thus, the auto giant proposed raising the fee from the current 300 thousand to 550 thousand in 2024 and gradually increasing it to a million by 2029.

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