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The authors of the idea proposed issuing drivers a certificate in the amount of 20% of the cost of a new car in exchange for recycling the old vehicle. The initiative to return to the program from ten years ago was put forward by the president of the Association of Russian Automobile Dealers (ROAD). The head of the organization stated that the current recycling fee is used for a different purpose, so it should be renamed.

Podshchekoldin reported that ten years ago, a certificate in the amount of 50,000 rubles was issued for a car handed over for recycling, which could be used to buy a new vehicle. Considering that a new Lada then cost 250,000 rubles, motorists could pay 20 percent of a new car with a certificate. The head of ROAD stated that with the current cost of domestic models at one and a half million rubles, certificates for recycling should be issued for 300,000 rubles.

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In addition, the ROAD president recalled that initially the recycling fee was meant to be a program for recycling old cars. Today, this concept is used as an additional duty. According to the specialist, the money collected as part of the recycling fee could be used to clean the country of automobile junk.

The day before, ROAD called for the abolition of the recycling fee for Chinese cars. According to Podshchekoldin, the abolition of duties will make models from the Celestial Empire more accessible to the population.

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