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According to the Interfax news agency, new amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses have already been approved by the Russian government commission on legislative activities. It is still unknown what punishment awaits violators for deliberately concealing registration plates. It is possible that drivers will be deprived of their licenses for up to one and a half years.

Experts believe that the new amendments will make upside-down frames, curtains and other similar technical means that hide license plates a separate offense. Today, the use of such systems is equivalent to the absence of registration plates, for which a fine of five thousand rubles or deprivation of rights for a period of one to three months is provided.

In Russia, the procedure for passing the driver’s license exam has changed. Russian drivers will no longer be fined twice for the same violation. The most common traffic violations in Russia have been revealed.

New amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses will not only make the use of special equipment a separate offense for which a driver’s license will be revoked, but will also increase the confiscation period. At the same time, in the second or third reading, the bill may be supplemented with punishment for the very fact of the presence of such technical devices, and not just for their use.

In January, in Russia it was proposed to deprive people of their rights for deliberately hiding license plates. At that time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs advocated tough sanctions against motorists.

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