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According to the Shot Telegram channel, State Duma deputies from the New People party proposed extending the validity of the document by five years. At the same time, drivers who violate traffic rules will continue to be issued licenses for a period of ten years. The new initiative, according to the authors, will motivate motorists to drive without violations.

It has been proposed to extend the validity period of a driver’s license from 10 to 15 years for law-abiding drivers who do not cause accidents and do not violate traffic rules. At the same time, violators of the rules will continue to receive licenses for a period of 10 years. The new initiative is intended to increase the motivation of motorists to drive without violations. If the amendments are adopted, conscientious drivers will undergo medical examinations and pay fees less often.

In October last year, Russian authorities refused to introduce a 50 percent discount on transport tax for careful drivers. At that time, the government stated that drivers did not need additional incentives to drive safely.

Police sports cars have already left for us.

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