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The Kama company (a subsidiary of KamAZ), which is developing the domestic electric car Atom, is going to join forces with Chinese partners. As Vedomosti writes with reference to Kama materials, the main components and assemblies will be either completely Chinese or created together with the Chinese. This will speed up the development of the car, but will slightly increase its cost.

According to Vedomosti, they plan to purchase control electronics and a steering mechanism from China, which will not be physically connected to the wheels (steer-by-wire). Together with one of the Chinese manufacturers, a projection display and a thermal control system for the traction battery will be created.

The battery should begin to be produced by Renera, a subsidiary of Rosatom, but a large company from China will help it with this. The battery capacity will be 77 kilowatt-hours; it should provide the hatchback with a range of up to 500 kilometers without recharging.

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A permanent magnet synchronous electric motor with a power of 204 horsepower (294 Nm of torque) was developed, as previously reported, by Rosatom. It is unclear whether the Chinese will play a role in its production.

In addition to China, parts for Atom can be supplied from India, Turkey and Southeast Asia. In March it was reported that the share of foreign components in an electric car should be no more than 40 percent.

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