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Tuners showed a unique UAZ “Bukhanka” with a Land Rover-style interior

Car tuning is an art that allows you to turn the most ordinary car into a masterpiece. Particularly impressive is the work of professional tuning studios, which can radically change the characteristics and appearance. In this article we will talk about the project of Russian tuners to modify the legendary domestic SUV UAZ “Bukhanka”.

The craftsmen began work by refining the interior of the “Loaf”. The interior was completely soundproofed. Instead of traditional panel covering, genuine leather is used. To improve illumination, bright LED strips are installed. There was a spacious drawer with a built-in refrigerator and a folding sofa for relaxing on the road.

Of particular note is the full-fledged climate control system, designed to operate from 220 volts. Thanks to a powerful inverter, it provides comfortable conditions in any weather. As a highlight, the roof is equipped with a sunroof. The front features ergonomic Land Rover Defender seats and a Momo steering wheel.

As for the appearance, the emphasis is on enhancing the protective properties. There are beefy tube bumpers, a full-size spare tire on the tailgate and a sturdy ladder for accessing the roof rack. Two Offroad-Master winches with a traction force of 4.5 tons are fixed outside.

In terms of technical characteristics, the tuners also did a great job. The body is raised by 65 mm using spacers, reinforced shock absorbers and air springs are installed, improving driving performance. Engine power increased to 137 hp. thanks to improvements to the exhaust system and chip tuning. The gearbox ratios have been changed.

To top it all off, the “Loaf” received powerful 33-inch wheels with BF Goodrich off-road tires and a high air snorkel. As a result, the modest domestic car has turned into a full-fledged comfortable SUV, not inferior in its capabilities to its foreign counterparts. (photo:

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