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This period was indicated in the response of the Russian government to questions from State Duma deputies. TASS, in turn, turned to Sollers with a question about the serial production of cars in the MPV segment, to which the company stated that such a project is under development. For 2025, in addition to the launch of a minivan, Sollers has also planned to begin assembling pickup trucks with automatic transmissions. Currently, the company produces a number of models under its own brand in Elabuga, Vladivostok and Ulyanovsk.

The Sollers group includes UAZ, ZMZ, automobile plants in Elabuga and Naberezhnye Chelny, the former Mazda plant in Vladivostok, as well as an engine plant in Elabuga. Currently, the holding produces vehicles under its own Sollers brand: Argo and Atlant commercial vans, as well as the ST6 pickup truck. All three models are slightly restyled cars from the Chinese JAC.

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Earlier it became known that Sollers modernized Atlant, curing it of so-called childhood diseases. In particular, the thickness of the paintwork was doubled, and a special protective mastic was applied to the frame elements directly from the factory to prevent corrosion. In addition, the rear light beam on the trucks and chassis was changed.

As for the mentioned pickup truck, at the beginning of May the thousandth copy of the ST6 model rolled off the assembly line of the Far Eastern Sollers plant – the mark of 1,000 vehicles produced was surpassed in less than six months.

Sollers ST6 is presented on the Russian market in several modifications with gasoline and diesel engines. Both 2.0-liter engines comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard and are paired with a six-speed manual transmission. The gasoline turbo engine develops 176 horsepower, and the diesel engine produces 136 horsepower. The drive is four-wheel drive, there is a reduction gear.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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