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The survey was conducted by analysts from the media holding Rambler&Co and SberInsurance. 80 thousand Internet users took part in the study, and almost every third of them said that they were ready to buy a model of the Chinese brand. It also turned out that Russians have a good understanding of Chinese cars: most of them were able to name at least three brands from China.

32 percent of survey participants declared their readiness to switch to a Chinese car. 20 percent noted that they are well acquainted with the Chinese brands present on the Russian market and their model range. Another 44 percent said that although they know about Chinese cars, they do not understand them in detail, and only 36 percent know nothing about the Chinese auto industry. Every tenth person surveyed owns a Chinese car, and 55 percent have friends who drive such cars.

One of the blocks of the study was devoted to the pros and cons of Chinese cars. Respondents consider their main advantage to be the diversity of the model range (30 percent stated this) and a good price-quality ratio (28 percent). In addition, some noted that models from Chinese brands are well equipped (16 percent) and praised their design and comfort (14 percent).

The disadvantages were listed as follows: high cost (26 percent) and the quality of individual parts, such as the suspension or engine (24 percent). Another 14 percent of Russians surveyed doubted the availability of spare parts for Chinese cars.

SberStrakhovanie noted the increased interest of Russians in Chinese cars. “In 2023, Chinese cars turned out to be among the most insured: Geely, Chery and Exeed were in the top,” said Dmitry Pursanov, director of retail insurance for the company.

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