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As the portal “Chinese cars” found out, the model will get the Tech version, the list of equipment of which will include heated front seats, steering wheel and windshield, and this will be exclusive for Russia. Previously, the CS95 did not have these options – it was equipped only with heated outside mirrors, and the rest of the equipment could be purchased directly from the dealer.

Changan CS95 in Tech trim will be equipped with “warm” options from the factory, but it is unknown when exactly the new version of the model will go on sale. It is logical to assume that with the appearance of new functions the crossover will become more expensive, but by how much is not specified.

The CS95, the largest car in the Changan lineup, has been sold in its current form in Russia since last fall. On the brand’s official website, the restyled crossover has the prefix New: it differs from the pre-reform version in the design of the radiator grille, bumpers with vertical air intake slits and four overlays imitating the exhaust. The length of the car is 4.95 meters, and the cabin is designed for seven seats – the seating formula is 2 + 3 + 2.

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The crossover is presented with an uncontested four-cylinder turbocharged engine that develops 226 horsepower, an eight-speed Aisin automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. There are two trim levels so far: DLX and Black Edition. The latter’s special feature, as you can guess from the name, is darkened decor.

Prices for the model start from 4,249,900 rubles, and the “black” version will cost 4,319,900 rubles. In parallel with the CS95 New, the pre-reform version of the model is also presented on the website with a price of 4,149,900 rubles, but this crossover will not receive heating.

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