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According to the Autostat-Info agency, 1,107 electric vehicles were sold in May 2024 – this is 51 percent less than in April, but 25 percent more than in May last year. Russians prefer the Chinese brand Zeekr, which is not officially represented on our market, and the Zeekr 001 model is ahead of Moskvich 3e in popularity. And another Russian-made model, Evolute i-Pro, did not make it into the top three at all.

Zeekr 001 sold 201 units in May, Moskvich 3e finished the month with 125 units, and another Zeekr model with index X (100 units) made it into the top 3. Next in fourth place is Evolute i-Pro (67 units), and Zeekr 009 (49 units) closes the top five. In the second half of the ranking, the positions were distributed as follows: Zeekz 007 in sixth, Volkswagen ID.4 in seventh, Tesla Model Y in eighth, Honda e:NS1 in ninth, and Avatr C11 in tenth.

Toyota believes that electric cars will not be able to occupy more than a third of the market. Zeekr electric cars began to be produced for the first time in right-hand drive. Volvo began transferring the production of electric crossovers from China to Europe.

The agency notes that if we compare the results of May with April, sales of all the most popular models have decreased, but year-on-year in most cases there is a noticeable increase. Only Zeekr and Moskvich were in the black in May, while sales of other brands decreased.

If we consider the period from January to May inclusive, then the top 3 most popular brands look like this: Zeekr, Evolute and Volkswagen. In total, during this period, 9,523 new electric cars were sold in our country, including 4,086 Zeekr cars.

The record month for sales of “green” cars in Russia was March, when 2,499 electric cars were sold.

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