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In April, Russians purchased 67 new luxury cars, which is 31 percent more than in the same month last year, Autostat reports. The first place in the number of cars sold was shared by Lamborghini and Bentley, and neither one nor the other brand officially supplies its models to the Russian market. Moreover, they, like other luxury goods, are subject to a ban on import into Russia.

Over the past month, Russians bought 22 units of Bentley and Lamborghini each, and Rolls-Royce closed the top three with 16 cars sold. Autostat notes that these three brands account for 90 percent of all luxury cars sold. If we talk about models, luxury crossovers are especially popular in Russia: Lamborghini Urus (12 units sold), Bentley Bentayga (12 units) and Rolls-Royce Cullinan (eight units).

In total, since the beginning of the year, 192 luxury cars have been sold in Russia, which is 41 percent more than what was sold from January to April 2023.

Sales of Lamborghinis and other luxury cars have increased sharply in Russia. Sales of “real” foreign cars have collapsed in Russia: they are not in the top 50. Sales of new cars in Russia have returned to pre-crisis levels.

The car market as a whole is also showing growth. In April, 137,047 new passenger cars were sold in Russia: this is 81.2 percent more than in April 2023, but 6.5 percent less than in March 2024. If we talk about sales for the first four months of 2024, they amounted to 467,739 units. This is 89.4 percent more than in January–April 2023.

According to the forecast, in the first half of 2024 the volume of the Russian car market will reach 700 thousand new cars, although it was initially assumed that only half a million cars would be sold. And by the end of the whole year, about 1.4-1.5 million cars will be sold. At the same time, experts and market participants believe that the growth in sales volumes of premium European and Japanese brands will stop in the coming months.

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