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As follows from traffic police statistics covering the period from January to April of this year, the number of accidents decreased by 2.4 percent compared to the first four months of 2023. In total, the State Traffic Inspectorate recorded 33 thousand accidents: 3.6 thousand people died in them, which is 0.6 percent more than last year, and 41.6 thousand people were injured, which is 3.7 percent less than in January-April 2023.

The traffic police explain the increased mortality on Russian roads by several factors: the emergency redirection of cargo flows from west to east after the introduction of international sanctions, the growing popularity of auto tourism (due to the same sanctions), and the increased volumes of bus transportation. For the same reasons, the number of road accidents increased at the end of last year, but at the beginning of 2024, as can be seen from the statistics, there were fewer accidents.

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Kommersant notes that in the country as a whole, the number of deaths in road accidents with drivers under the influence of drugs increased by 28.6 percent, and by 57.7 percent – with drivers who refused to be examined. The accident rate involving motorcycles increased by 28.6 percent and by 30.2 percent – involving mopeds and equivalent vehicles, including electric scooters.

As for electric scooters, in Moscow they have already been equipped with license plates made similar to car registration numbers. They can be read by road cameras: this makes it easier for simmers (those who drive SIMs – personal mobility devices) to be identified and fined for violating traffic rules. For example, for speeding, the fine for which is 800 rubles, and if the scooter driver was drunk – 1.5 thousand.

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