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As Kommersant reports, citing data from CRPT (the operator of the Honest Sign marking system), sales of new passenger car tires in January-May 2024 amounted to 52.8 billion rubles in monetary terms. This is 27 percent more than for the same period in 2023. Interfax, in turn, writes about plans to increase rubber production volumes this year by five percent, to 48 million pieces.

After foreign tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental left Russia, their factories came under the control of Russian investors, and they continue to produce products. The total annual capacity of the enterprises (there are 18 of them in Russia) is about 70 million tires. This is enough to cover the domestic market demand for passenger and truck tires, Interfax reports.

The secretariat of First Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov announced following his visit to the Kaluga Region that by the end of 2024 it is planned to produce five percent more tires than last year. Thus, 45.6 million tires were produced in 2023, thus the projected production volume in 2024 is about 47.9 million tires.

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Kommersant presents the price range for passenger car tires in 2024. In May, tires cost an average of 5.8 thousand rubles, which is 3.8 percent cheaper than in April and 9.8 percent higher than last year. The largest share of sales is in the “below average” segment of tires (46 percent), and the smallest share is in the “above average” segment (24 percent). In January-May, passenger car tires were sold at an average of 6.2 thousand rubles per piece.

As for imported rubber, in May the volume of tire supplies from abroad increased by 55.4 percent, to 1.8 million units, and by 38.4 percent, to 11.4 million units, over the five months. The peak of supplies occurred in March, after which import volumes began to decline.

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