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The light-duty van Argo, also known as JAC N25/N3, received a domestic gearbox — a six-speed manual, which began to be produced in February of this year. At that time, it was reported that Sollers localized the licensed assembly of the unit of the same Chinese company JAC at the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant (ZMZ).

The gearbox is paired with a two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 130 horsepower (288 Nm), which was also promised to equip the UAZ Patriot. According to the latest data, the Ulyanovsk SUV with such a unit will appear in 2025. The engine itself was localized at the former Ford engine plant in Yelabuga a year ago.

In addition to Argo, other Sollers models will also receive a Russian-assembled JAC gearbox.

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The production of six-speed manual transmissions was established at the new Sollers Transmission Production plant within the ZMZ industrial park, the company specifies. The capacity of the production line is 50 thousand boxes per year, and it can be quickly rebuilt for different types of units.

Currently, the Sollers brand produces the Argo and Atlant commercial vans, as well as the ST6 pickup truck. All three models are rebadged JACs. In 2025, a minivan and a pickup with an automatic transmission may join the lineup.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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