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The Russian engineering holding has announced an increase in the warranty period against through body corrosion. The Sollers press service explained that the increase in warranty became possible “as a result of changes in the technological process and a whole range of corrosion resistance tests.” This applies to two commercial models, but the ST6 pickup, which is produced at the former Mazda plant in Vladivostok, does not apply to the innovation.

Immediately before painting Argo and Atlant, all body elements undergo several stages of preparation, including the application of cataphoresis primer by immersion. Sollers increased the thickness of the paint coating to 120 microns, and the welds are additionally treated with wax and coated with a special mastic. The quality of finished bodies and cabins is checked in special control laboratories.

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Argo and Atlant are produced in different factories. Atlantas are assembled in Yelabuga, and Argos are assembled in the industrial park of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. The latter previously acquired a new modification: in addition to the version with a diesel engine, the Sollers Argo now has a gasoline version with a 2.0-liter unit and a power of 136 horsepower coupled with a five-speed gearbox. Both engines comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard.

As for the ST6 pickup truck, it was “registered” at the former Mazda plant last fall. This model is guaranteed for three years or 150 thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. The truck is presented on the Russian market in several modifications with gasoline and diesel engines.

All three Sollers models are converted Chinese JAC cars. The Atlant is actually a JAC Sunray, the ST6 pickup is a JAC T6, and the Argo is a JAC N25/N35. They will be joined later by a minivan.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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