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The Russian Sollers ST6 2024 pickup truck is a modern and powerful all-terrain vehicle that will go on sale at the end of 2023. It is versatile and comfortable, suitable for both work and outdoor activities. ST6 is offered in the Russian Federation in two trim levels: basic Base and improved Comfort. The price range for a pickup truck ranges from 2.4 to 2.6 million rubles. Under the hood there may be a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a power of 176 hp. or an economical 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 136 hp. You can only buy a car with a manual transmission. The main competitors of the ST6 on the market are Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger. In Russia, its competitors are the UAZ Pickup and JAC T6. The latter, in fact, is the model from which the ST6 was copied. The car compares favorably with its foreign analogues in its reliability and affordable price. Sollers ST6 is assembled at the modern Sollers plant in Vladivostok with a high level of localization of production.

Sollers ST6 2024

Since the domestic Sollers ST6 2024 is essentially based on the Chinese JAC T6, it is impossible to say that this car has a new body. The domestic model has adopted absolutely everything from its Chinese prototype, including technical characteristics, external and internal design, which can be assessed from the photo, and much more. But the configurations and prices for them are our own for the Russian market.


The design of the pickup truck is considered one of the main trump cards of this model. Its style successfully combines sportiness and practicality, aesthetics and functionality. The ST6’s design reflects the active lifestyle of its owners, who need a reliable and versatile vehicle for work and travel. The pickup body features a double cab and a spacious cargo compartment with a volume of 1150 liters. It is equipped with a flat bottom, mounting rings, 12V socket and lighting. High ground clearance and large departure angles provide excellent off-road patency of the pickup truck.

The spacious interior of the car is designed for 5 people. Its design combines ergonomics and modern style. The interior trim includes heated and electrically adjustable leather seats, a heated multifunction steering wheel, an analogue instrument panel, multimedia with a 9″ touch screen, navigation, CarPlay, Android Auto, climate control, cruise control, keyless entry. Clever storage compartments add convenience. The interior of a domestic car creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness both for work and for travel.

Options and prices


The basic configuration of the Sollers ST6 2024 Base offers the minimum required set of options for a modern pickup truck. It includes hydraulic power steering, which makes driving easier. The 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted with standard tires. Road lighting is provided by basic halogen headlights. The rear fog light improves visibility in bad weather. Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors make them easy to adjust and prevent fogging. The multifunctional adjustable steering wheel provides ease of control for drivers of different heights. The temperature sensor informs you about the weather conditions outside.

The cabin has 5 seats, upholstered in simple fabric. The electrically heated front seats are adjustable for driver comfort. Central locking with remote control provides convenient door locking. Electric windows on all doors make it easy to operate the windows. Thus, the basic version of Sollers ST6 includes everything necessary for a comfortable and safe ride in the city and on country roads, and the price of the car in this case ranges from 2.4 to 2.5 million rubles, depending on the type of engine chosen, where the diesel version is more expensive .


Next comes the more advanced Comfort package. Its cost is around 2.6 million rubles and it complements the basic version with the following equipment:

leather upholstery; keyless entry and engine start; multimedia with 6 speakers and 9″ touch screen; Rear View Camera; protective arches.

Technical specifications

Russian motorists are offered 2 engines: a gasoline 2.0-liter turbo unit with a power of 176 hp. and a torque of 290 Nm and a diesel engine of the same volume and also turbocharged, but with 136 hp, 320 Nm. Both engines are environmentally friendly and comply with Euro 5. They work exclusively with a 6-speed manual transmission. Fuel consumption for the petrol version is 9.5 l/100km, for the diesel version – 8 l/100km.

The pickup length is 5315 mm, width is 1830 mm, height is 1815 mm, and the wheelbase is 3090 mm. Fuel tank capacity 76 liters. The interior volume is 2800 liters, which can accommodate 5 people, including the driver. The cargo compartment is 1150 liters, the load capacity is not the largest in the class and is 820 kg. The ground clearance reaches 197 mm, and the approach and departure angles are 30° and 22°, respectively, which ensures excellent off-road performance. The technical parameters of the Sollers ST6 characterize it as a powerful, economical, roomy and cross-country vehicle, perfect for both work and active recreation.

Contents after purchase

Operating the Russian Sollers ST6 2024 pickup truck after purchase will not require significant expenses from the owner. Thanks to the use of reliable components, this car has a factory warranty of three years or 150,000 kilometers. Routine maintenance is required every 15,000 km or once a year. The cost of scheduled maintenance varies depending on the modification and configuration, but on average it is about 10,000 rubles. Detailed information about the list of works and their prices can be obtained from an official Sollers dealer or on the company’s website. Operating costs for the ST6 include insurance, taxes, tires and fuel. It is necessary to take out a compulsory motor liability insurance policy and additionally insure the car under CASCO. This will cost from 20 to 50 thousand rubles per year, depending on factors. The transport tax for a pickup truck will be approximately 10-20 thousand rubles annually. Maintaining this model after purchase will not be a hassle, provided you follow the operating instructions.


Sollers ST6 2024 is equipped with a complex of modern active and passive safety systems that reliably protect the driver and passengers. The basic version is equipped with two front airbags, and the top version has two more side airbags. An audible alarm and indicator on the dashboard warn of unfastened seat belts. The belts themselves are equipped with pretensioners and load limiters that adjust their tension depending on the force of the impact for maximum protection.

ABS and EBD brake force distribution provide effective braking and maintaining directional stability during sudden braking on any road surface. The comprehensive ESP stabilization system includes traction control, which prevents wheel slip, and hill start assistance, preventing rollbacks. In the event of an accident, within the framework of the ERA-GLONASS system, an incident signal with all data is automatically sent to the rescue service for the fastest possible response. The robust steel body with crumple zones protects occupants during collisions.

Off-road performance

Sollers ST6 demonstrates excellent driving characteristics both on and off-road. This Russian pickup truck combines dynamism, handling, comfort and cross-country ability. Thanks to powerful and economical engines, an all-wheel drive system, and a lightweight body, the ST6’s maximum speed reaches 180 km/h. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 12 seconds for the petrol version and 14 seconds for the diesel version. The car goes uphill easily. High controllability is ensured by front independent suspension, rear spring suspension, power steering, ESP, TCS, ABS systems. The ST6 follows the specified trajectory accurately, maintains directional stability and brakes effectively. High ground clearance, all-wheel drive, and axle locks ensure off-road capability. ST6 can overcome water obstacles, steep ascents and descents, snow, and sand. Assistance systems BSD, LDW, AEB increase safety. The pickup truck exhibits excellent driving performance in all conditions, making driving a pleasure. This is a car for active and demanding drivers.

Start of sales

Sales of the new Russian Sollers ST6 pickup truck started in October 2023. In 2024, production volumes will increase to 10,000 units per year. The model is sold through the brand’s developed dealer network.


Today, the global competitors of this pickup truck include:



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