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At the Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg, the company showed a new model – the ST8 pickup truck, also known as a slightly restyled Chinese JAC T8. The Russian manufacturer has not yet disclosed details about the new product, but it was previously reported that the ST8 will go into production in Vladivostok by the end of 2024: such conditions are spelled out in the SPIC. It is expected that the pickup will be equipped with a two-liter JAC diesel engine, which is produced in Yelabuga.

As can be seen in the photo published by TASS, the ST8 differs from the “donor” not only by the Sollers nameplate, but also by the design of the radiator grille. The JAC has a grille with thick horizontal slats, while Sollers has a black mesh. The ST8 also received wheel rims of a different design.


According to insiders, the Sollers ST8 will be equipped with a partially “import-substituted” JAC 2.0 diesel engine, the production of which the company mastered at the motor plant in Yelabuga a year ago. It develops 130 horsepower and 288 Nm of torque.

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Last year, the former Mazda plant in Vladivostok launched the assembly of another pickup truck, the Sollers ST6, which was based on the JAC T6. It entered the market with two two-liter engines, one petrol and one diesel. The car turned out to be cheaper than the original “Chinese”: it was estimated at 2.4 million rubles, while the JAC cost from 2.5 million. Now there is no such pickup truck in the Russian JAC lineup.

Perhaps the ST8 diesel will be paired with a Russian-made gearbox — a six-speed manual from the same JAC, which was recently localized at the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant (ZMZ). The Sollers Argo light-duty truck has already begun to be equipped with such a gearbox.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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