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This is reported by “Auto News of the Day” with reference to the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices. For example, Granta Sport, which lost the Sport’23 package, increased in price by 18 thousand rubles, and Granta Sportline – 170-180 thousand depending on the body type.

The Lada Granta Sport and Granta Sportline models have become more expensive by 18-180 thousand rubles, Avtonovosti Dnya found out. The reason is the end of sales of cars of the 2023 model year. The Granta Sport sedan and liftback are no longer offered in the Sport’23 trim level, which cost 1,405,000 and 1,445,000 rubles, respectively. Now only the “fresh” Sport’24 version is available for 1,423,000-1,463,000 rubles. These cars are distinguished by the presence of a central lock and rear parking sensors, as well as an environmental class of the engine: Euro-5 instead of Euro-2.

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As for the Granta Sportline, it has lost the Comfort and Comfort’23 versions. The new Comfort’24 will cost 170-180 thousand rubles more, so prices will now start from 1,276,000 rubles for a sedan and from 1,316,000 rubles for a liftback. There are minimal differences in equipment: the engine’s environmental class has changed (from Euro-2 to Euro-5), a central lock has appeared and the additional noise insulation package has disappeared.

Earlier, AvtoVAZ updated the price lists of other models of the LADA Granta family. They lost almost all of last year’s trim levels, so the minimum prices for the Granta Cross liftback and wagon increased by more than 100 thousand rubles. The liftback also received two new variations of the #CLUB special edition with previously unavailable power units.

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