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The innovative McMurtry Speirling electric car, due to its design features, allows you to move incredibly fast on race tracks, which gave McMurtry Automotive the opportunity to set several records at once on the most famous racetracks. The latest was the Hockenheimring record, where the miniature car turned out to be the fastest touring vehicle. Even the record of the monstrous Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has fallen!

The single-seat McMurtry electric car weighs just 1,000 kilograms and is equipped with two electric motors producing approximately 1,000 horsepower, as well as a unique fan system that helps generate 2,000 kilograms of downforce.

1013 hp and 1.5 s to 100 km/h: McMurtry Speirling production electric car presented

As a result, the Speirling is able to take off incredibly quickly from a standstill, but there is still a caveat – the maximum speed is limited to only 240 kilometers per hour. But this was quite enough to complete a lap around the track in an incredible 1:24.4.

Former Formula 1 driver British Max Chilton is 3.907 seconds faster than the fastest DTM race car to qualify in 2020. And immediately 14.1 seconds faster than the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar with a Formula 1 engine. The race took place on June 8 and during it the car used only 75 percent of the available power and 75 percent of the available downforce.

No longer available for purchase: sold out cars

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