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The Shineray concern, which owns the SWM brand, set up assembly at the facilities of the Kaliningrad Avtotor last spring. The Chinese initially planned to eventually reach a full cycle, and apparently the time has come: SWM is going to invest in the creation of such a production with a capacity of up to 40 thousand cars per year. The brand also confirmed the plan to launch a fourth model on the Russian market – the G03 crossover.

A new site for the full production cycle — that is, with welding and painting — will be organized at Avtotor’s facilities in Kaliningrad. Currently, the city crossover G01, its sports version G01F, and another all-terrain vehicle G05 Pro are assembled there.

Autohome SWM G03
Autohome SWM G03
Autohome SWM G03
Autohome SWM G03

Assembly of the cars began in April 2023, but SWM entered the Russian market only in the spring of 2024 due to delays in choosing a distributor, which eventually became Vostok Veter Rus. Over the next two to three years, sales are expected to reach 50,000 cars per year.

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The closest new SWM product for Russia will be the G03 crossover, also known as the 2022 SWM Tiger. It was previously promised to be launched on the market by the end of summer. In its homeland, the 4.6-meter car, which can be five- or seven-seater, is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine producing 110 horsepower in conjunction with a five-speed manual. It also has a hybrid version of the EDi with a 143-horsepower traction electric motor and an internal combustion engine as a generator.

The optics are halogen even in the “top”, the central screen is seven inches, but the interior is trimmed with leather, there is a push-button engine start, a sunroof and all-round cameras. The price in China starts from 59.9 thousand yuan, which is equal to about 769 thousand rubles. Our cheapest SWM to date – G01 – costs from 2.2 million rubles.

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