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Dmitry Laskov, test editor of the automobile publication Motor.Ru, analyzed the range of new models from China over the past 3 years and named the options and technologies that have become widely available thanks to cars from China.

A panoramic roof is no longer a luxury. Until recently, this spectacular and pleasant option was available only for premium brands, as well as in top-end trim levels for mid-price segment manufacturers. But everything changed with the arrival of the Chinese on the market, who offer a “panorama” in almost all models priced at about 2.5 million and above, and often even in mid-range versions. Now it is not at all surprising to see a large transparent ceiling in a mass-market crossover, such as the Haval Jolion or BAIC X55. Similarly, with the arrival of Chinese brands, options such as contour interior lighting and a fully digital info cluster (dashboard and multimedia) became widely available.

Updated Haval Jolion. BAIC X55 right away. What’s interesting about the next Chinese crossover? The kind giant Geely Okavango

A robot is reliable and convenient. Chinese brands, which widely use dual-clutch robotic gearboxes in their models (mostly from BorgWarner and Getrag), have debunked the idea that this type of transmission is unreliable. Forget about nightmares like early DSG on Volkswagen or PowerShift on Ford models. Modern Chery, Haval and other Geely practically do not suffer from the childhood illnesses of DCT robots – rapid wear of clutches and mechatronics, overheating in traffic jams and jerks and hesitations at the start.

Geely Okavango
Dmitry Pitersky

Many models of these brands work in taxis, and if some transmissions cause complaints from taxi companies, then these are mainly variators, and robots serve properly even in endless traffic jams. The smoothness of their operation is also at its best – for example, in the new Geely Okavango it is not immediately clear that this is a robot, and not a torque converter automatic.

Normal suspension is not difficult. The suspension is the part of the car that is the most boring to describe in tests in the case of Chinese models. Because most often it works at least just normally, at least in terms of handling uneven surfaces. There are still interesting cases with controllability, but the Chinese have learned to consistently adjust energy intensity and ride smoothness.

Geely Coolray
Vyacheslav Krylov

Of course, some models within a particular class are slightly better suited to rough roads (the same Jolion), and some are slightly worse (for example, Coolray), but clear outsiders in this indicator are very rare. But there are real pearls – like the Tank 300, which has an outstanding balance of comfort and resistance to any surface. And just recently, you could find a rumbling and rock-hard suspension on models like the MINI Countryman, Volkswagen Passat or Citroen C4 Aircross. But this does not mean that we do not miss them.

Unique: Changan Uni-K and Geely Tugella Changan Uni-V and Lamore: looking for differences BAIC BJ40. Wrangler in Beijing

Interesting design is the default. It is impossible to name a Chinese brand whose model design could be described as boring or conservative. Most Chinese brands do not have a long history and clear visual DNA to hold on to in order to maintain their corporate style. Therefore, designers have a completely free hand – they create boldly, not shying away from experiments and borrowing.

In the absence of restrictions, the results are interesting: what are the original Changan models worth: for example, the Uni-K or Uni-V, which have so much playful aggression. Or the appearance of the BAIC BJ40, which became an interesting creative rethinking of the image of the Jeep Wrangler.

Geely Atlas
Dmitry Pitersky

It is impossible to tear your eyes away from the new Geely Atlas crossover with its retro-futuristic vibe. And even ordinary, non-designer models delight with expressive optics, harmonious lines and some interesting accents. Although the sense of proportion often betrays the creators, and the result is the Omoda S5 GT.

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