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Bad weather, especially sleet or freezing rain, is a problem for all vehicles. But most automakers try to position the headlights in such a way as to minimize the impact of snow flying off the road, but this is not the case with the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck has become the source of another complaint from owners. It is noted that when driving in snowfall, the lighting fixtures of an electric pickup truck quickly become clogged with snow, which significantly impairs visibility at night.

Apparently, the truck’s flat front panel makes it quite vulnerable to snow accumulation while driving. The problem is also aggravated by the poor location of the headlights: they are located in a small gap between the bumper and the body, in which snow accumulates.

Tesla designers tried to hide the main headlights, making only the LED strip on the edge of the hood visually visible.

Interestingly, the Tesla Cybertruck is not the only electric pickup truck suffering from this problem. Owners of Rivian electric pickup trucks have also complained of similar difficulties since 2022.

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