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The American brand’s bestseller, the Model Y, has been included in the list of models that local officials can purchase as official vehicles. The Model Y has already been purchased by the government of Jiangsu Province in the east of the country: in addition to Tesla, the purchase list of 56 batches of electric cars and hybrids included the Volvo XC40. The number of cars purchased has not been disclosed.

Three years ago, Chinese authorities asked officials not to drive Teslas to work due to concerns that the cars could collect unnecessary data and transmit it to the United States. Electric cars from the American manufacturer were also banned from entering military complexes, hospitals, and airports.

But in April 2024, these restrictions were lifted: China’s leading automobile industry association said Tesla’s data collection did not violate safety requirements. According to Reuters, relations may have been softened by Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s meeting with Prime Minister Li Qiang in April.

Meanwhile, tensions between China and the US remain: the same concerns about data transfer have led the Americans to consider banning Chinese smart cars entirely. The alternative is to tamper with their software to prevent them from collecting excessive data.

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At the same time, the United States raised import duties on Chinese electric vehicles to 100 percent, which effectively made this market inaccessible to Chinese manufacturers.

However, the European market is much more important for them, as it is also trying to contain the expansion of inexpensive eastern cars. Today, it has introduced preliminary tariffs of 17.4 to 37.6 percent, which in four months may “regenerate” into permanent ones if a better solution is not found. Permanent duties will be introduced for five years.

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