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The answer to this question, what will happen to the car in this case, was given by employees of the Institute of Transportation of the American state of Texas, who published a video with a crash test of a popular electric car. As part of the tests, experts planned to find out how the road infrastructure would behave in an accident with a standard battery car. Scientists modeled all the necessary conditions on the test site.

During the crash test, the Tesla Model 3 was pushed into a barrier that is installed on dangerous sections of highways. Such a barrier should slow down the car, preventing it from flying into the oncoming lane. The electric car was sent into the barrier at an angle of 25 degrees at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

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As a result of the impact, the electric car broke through the barrier. Scientists concluded that this happened due to the large mass associated with the presence of batteries. Despite the terrifying footage, experts noted that if there had been passengers in the Tesla, they would not have received serious injuries.

Based on the test results, experts said that in connection with the massive development of battery-powered transport, the country needs to modernize its road infrastructure.

Another unusual crash test was conducted in April by Volvo. Representatives of the Swedish brand crashed the largest and smallest electric cars.

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