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Some owners of early Cybertruck pickups received a letter from Tesla offering to replace one of the electric motors with an improved version for free during a routine service visit. It did not specify which of the two electric motors, the front or the rear, was being discussed. Electrek, citing the company’s letter, reports that the update “will improve the efficiency and reliability of the unit.”

There are different versions of why Tesla suggests upgrading one of the electric motors, specifically on the first-batch Cybertruck. Perhaps the company needs the units of early pickups to collect information about their operational life. One way or another, the automaker assures that replacing the electric motor with an improved one is voluntary, and there are no problems with installing the first Cybertrucks.

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The Cybertruck model has other problems, however. At the end of June, information appeared about a recall campaign affecting 11,688 electric pickups: the reason for the recall was a defective windshield wiper and falling off the cargo platform paneling. In the first case, the problems were found in cars manufactured from November 2023 to June 2024, in the second – from November to May.

A few months earlier, incidents with the gas pedal on the Tesla Cybertuck became known. The pedal detaches and can get stuck, which leads to unintentional acceleration and increases the risk of an accident. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) ordered Tesla to recall about 3,900 potentially dangerous pickups.

Tesla Cybertruck is also sold in Russia, electric cars are transported privately. The cost of the American pickup on classifieds varies from 13.9 to 33 million rubles. In the US, prices start at 60.9 thousand dollars, which is 5.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate, and reach 99 thousand dollars (9.2 million rubles).

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