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A prototype of the electric Tesla Roadster has been put up for sale at the Cars & Bids auction, which ends on July 15.

The car in question is a Tesla Roadster Sport with VIN 1124, which was bought from Tesla in 2012, then crashed, and then bought back by Tesla. The Roadster’s first owner was Jameson Cummings, Tesla’s chief technician during the Roadster’s development.

After the accident, the Roadster was purchased by Tesla’s vice president of service, Joost de Vries. He repaired it under the supervision of Carl Medlock, who was then the manager of Tesla’s Seattle service center and now runs a Tesla Roadster repair shop in the U.S. called Medlock and Sons.

At one time, de Vries had the idea to develop a sports package for Tesla roadsters. The project was never launched into production, but it is known that the “charged” roadster was to be called Tesla Roadster RR, or E-Sport.

The unique prototype has several special features: it is equipped with Tarox Italian Performance brakes front and rear, a Hollinger limited-slip differential, a specially tuned Bilstein Performance sports suspension, and a body made of carbon fiber.

The sports package was supposed to cost $30,000. But the idea never came to fruition due to changes in management.

The example put up for sale recently received a new traction battery of 80 kW⋅h. The total mileage of the car is about 51 thousand kilometers.

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