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Alpine has committed to expanding its lineup to seven electric vehicles by 2030, including an electric replacement for the A110, as well as several crossovers. But the first to appear is the Alpine A290 GT, a hot version of the Renault 5 E-Tech electric hatchback.

The fastest Renault 5 is equipped with a single electric motor producing 148 hp. (110 kW), which rotates the front wheels. The A290 GT, unveiled at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, follows the same layout but is more powerful.

The A290 develops 217 hp. (160 kW) and 300 Nm in its most powerful GT Performance form, reducing the 0-100 km/h time from 8 seconds for the 5 E-Tech to 6.4 seconds. A less powerful model, designated A290 GT, produces 178 hp. (130 kW) and 285 Nm, and it takes a second longer to accelerate to 100 km/h.

The new hot hatch from Alpine is set to compete with the Mini Cooper E and Cooper SE, which have 181 hp. (134 kW) and the same 217 hp. (160 kW), and they take 7.3 seconds and 6.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

Alpine has stuck with the same 52kWh battery offered on the top 5 E-Tech variants. The increased power and weight mean the 290 GT’s range will be worse than the Renault’s: 380 km versus 400 km. Charging the A290 from 15 to 80 percent takes 30 minutes.

Alpine’s hot hatch is 60 mm wider than its Renault 5 E-Tech brother, and the wheel arches are filled with 19-inch wheels. Visually, the A290 can be distinguished by its signature X-shaped patterns on all four headlights, a different front bumper and three stripes in front of the rear wheels.

The interior is also largely similar to the Renault 5, but Alpine adds its own sports pedals and even a set of gearbox mode selection buttons on the lower console, like the A110.

There’s also a different steering wheel whose overtake button “OV” instantly delivers maximum power of 217 hp, and it sounds like pure gimmick as you can get full power by pressing the accelerator pedal all the way down.

Alpine hasn’t revealed full pricing, but says the A290 will start at €38,000, making it more expensive than the Mini Cooper E/SE. It can be ordered this summer, with deliveries scheduled for the end of the year.

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