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More than 60 billion rubles will be invested in the Volga car production project. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Passenger Car Production company, which will produce new cars under the resurrected Soviet brand. As it became known today, production will begin with a sedan, and in addition to it, the line will include two crossovers. All of them, judging by the photographs, are built on the basis of the “Chinese”, although this is not officially reported.

More than 60 billion rubles will be spent on R&D, organizing car production and creating a Russian component base.

The line will include three cars: the D-class sedan Volga C40 (Changan Raeton Plus), K30 (X5 Plus from Oshan, a sub-brand of Changan) and K40 (Changan Uni-Z). All are equipped with a 188-horsepower engine (300 Nm) and a seven-speed “robot”. In the case of the Volga, they decided not to stop at re-sticking the nameplate: the cars received original bumpers with a chrome radiator grille, the design of which refers to the historical Volga.

The Chinese sedan Changan could become a revived Volga. A 60-year-old Volga with almost no mileage is being sold in Russia at the price of a new “Chinese” GAZ has filed an application to register the Volga trademark

The production of modern Volga cars will begin in 2024 at the Nizhny Novgorod site – most likely at the GAZ Group plant, where Volkswagen and Skoda were previously assembled. It is planned to reach the full cycle in 2025. The sale will be organized through the former Skoda dealer network.

The Volga was demonstrated to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. He appreciated the modern look of the cars, but criticized them for their low level of localization. In particular, he didn’t like that the steering wheel of the Volga C40 was Chinese.

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