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Yaroslav Kukarin, head of the body repair department at the Fit Service network, spoke about this in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. According to the expert, already a year after purchase, many cars begin to rust. Moreover, this applies to both domestic and foreign models. The reason is the quality of the factory anticorrosion agent.

Many automakers apply anti-corrosion coating unevenly. Most often, rust appears on untreated elements where bare metal or soil is visible. In Russian conditions, after a year of operation, rust appears on parts without anticorrosion, which owners may not find out about for a long time.

A similar problem occurs both on Russian and Chinese cars, and on non-European, Japanese and South Korean cars. Any anti-corrosion treatment comes down to applying rubber-bitumen or rubber materials with various resins to the bottom. This mixture creates a protective layer that prevents the formation of rust.

At the beginning of March, an expert named rules that will help prevent the formation of corrosion on the car body. Car owners need to consider several factors.

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