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Official dealers now have offers for cars produced in 2024. There are no such Aurus Komendants in stock, but a crossover can be delivered to order for 50.4 million rubles. The difference with “last year’s” analogues is 2.3 million rubles, but three months ago “Komendant” cost 35.3-41.5 million rubles, which means the increase in price was at least 20 percent!

Serial assembly of the Aurus Komendant started in November 2022, but is still exclusive: last year only 11 vehicles were registered in Russia. However, official statistics do not take into account deliveries to departmental garages, so in reality more crossovers were sold.

It turned out who purchased the first production Aurus Komendant Aurus Komendant will receive an extended version It turned out why the headlights of the updated Aurus are better than their Mercedes and Audi counterparts

Since the start of sales, Komendant has increased in price by almost one and a half times, because in 2022 the starting price was 33.7 million rubles. The Aurus Senat sedan is a little more affordable: cars produced in 2024 need to be ordered, agreeing to a price of 41-41.5 million rubles. At the same time, the updated version, like Vladimir Putin’s, has not yet appeared on the public market: you will have to wait until 2025.

Soon the Ministry of Industry and Trade promises to release a more affordable and mass-produced Aurus: its production will be organized at the former Toyota plant in St. Petersburg. Based on indirect signs, it can be judged that a Chinese business sedan will be produced under the Aurus brand, but the eastern partner of the plant has not been officially named.

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