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The legendary automobile brand Moskvich is actively expanding its presence in the Russian market. Official dealership centers opened in two new cities – Bratsk and Ivanovo. In addition, additional car dealerships began operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thus, at the moment, Moskvich cars are represented in 86 dealership centers in 53 cities of Russia.

In February, more than a thousand cars rolled off the plant’s assembly lines, including about a hundred new Moskvich 6 liftbacks. In the first two months of 2024, over 1,740 cars of this brand were sold, including more than 150 Moskvich 6 liftbacks. The high demand for cars is due to their availability and quality, comparable to foreign analogues.

In the coming months, the start of mass production of the mid-size Moskvich 5 crossover is expected. By the end of the year, a presentation of a D-class crossover called “Moskvich 8” is planned. Expanding the model range and dealer network will allow the Moskvich brand to strengthen its position in the Russian automotive market. (photo: Moskvich)

However, many Russians have developed a love for cars like “Kalina” and “Priora” that have not left the assembly line for a long time. We explained why this happens in our separate article.

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