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Some unscrupulous traffic police inspectors resort to tricks that create conditions for giving a bribe. During an interview with a car lawyer, the portal learned about several popular “scenarios”. These are the ones that all drivers should be wary of.

One common trick used by unscrupulous inspectors is to manipulate the description of alleged offenses in order to force drivers into dangerous situations. For example, if a driver crosses two solid lines while making a maneuver, inspectors may file a violation report that may show driving into oncoming traffic—a serious offense that can result in the driver’s license being revoked.

Deliberate concealment of license plates can lead to license suspension, which is what inspectors use when they “prescribe” such a violation for cars with dirty license plates. There are also frequent cases when police check the level of alcohol in the blood of drivers using “their” pre-prepared devices, which show the wrong result. In accordance with the above, it is worth paying attention to what is indicated in the protocol, reading it completely. This is a guarantee that in the future you will not have to waste time proving your own innocence.

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