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Compared to August last year, prices have fallen by 300 thousand. The biggest decrease in the price of vehicles was in the Novosibirsk and Omsk regions, where prices fell by a third. In total, a decrease in cost was recorded in 18 regions. In addition, used cars have also become cheaper in the country, for which at the end of June this year they were asking an average of two million rubles, which is eight percent lower than the January figures.

In addition to Novosibirsk and Omsk regions, the leaders in terms of reducing the cost of new cars were Stavropol Krai, Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Bashkortostan. At the same time, in some regions, cars, on the contrary, became more expensive. These subjects include Saratov and Tyumen Oblasts, as well as Moscow and Perm Krai.

The Lada Vesta, Voyah Free and Mercedes-Benz V-Class have increased in price the most by June of this year. And the Hongqi HS5, BMW X7, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Rav 4 have seen the most significant price reductions.

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As for used cars, their cost fell by 20 percent in five regions. The most used cars fell in price in the Ryazan, Ivanovo and Smolensk regions, as well as in the Penza region and the Republic of Mordovia. At the same time, used models rose in price in the Kurgan, Tomsk and Kemerovo regions, as well as in the Komi Republic. In these regions, prices rose by no more than five percent. The leaders in terms of average cost growth in the used car segment were the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Range Rover and Audi A3.

In mid-June, the cost of Chinese cars in Russia dropped. Several brands from the Middle Kingdom held a summer sale.

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