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In April, it dropped to 7,283 rubles – one percent less than in April 2023 and immediately 10 percent lower than in January 2024. This was announced by the head of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RUA) Evgeny Ufimtsev. At the same time, the payment under compulsory motor liability insurance is growing: in January-April it reached an average of 91.1 thousand rubles, rising by 8.9 percent from last year, when it amounted to 83.7 thousand.

The number of contracts concluded in the first four months of the year increased by 4.5 percent to 13.3 million. In total, Russians paid 103.2 billion rubles for compulsory motor liability insurance policies, which is 4.5 percent more than in the same period last year.

706 thousand insured events were recorded (plus 3.5 percent), losses – 64.3 billion rubles. This amount increased by 12.7 percent.

In Russia, the number of accidents is decreasing, but road deaths are increasing. In the UK, insurance prices for electric cars have soared, and that’s why a 103-year-old pensioner with an expired license was detained for dangerous driving

RSA notes that the decrease in premiums for compulsory motor liability insurance against the backdrop of rising inflation and average payments is caused by high competition between insurers for break-even car owners. This was led to by the tariff reform in OSAGO.

Previously, insurers calculated the cost of comprehensive insurance for new Volgas. According to preliminary estimates, an annual voluntary car insurance policy will initially cost 70-85 thousand rubles. Further tariffs may vary depending on the level of localization and availability of spare parts.

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